Thursday, August 10, 2023

Joni Void - Everyday Is The Song [Constellation Records 173]

Another fresh album released via the Canadian staple that is Constellation Records on May 26th, 2k23 as their 173 is "Everyday Is The Song", the third album conceived for the label by Montreal's Joni Void. Based on and around a plethora of Field Recordings and samples recorded on an old Sony Walkman Joni Void presents a twelve track menu laid out over the course of roughly 45 minutes, exploring a playful, sometimes washed out realm of crackly, yet always uplifting and curious Electronica x GlitchHop crossover sprinkled with short, cut-up interludes and echoing influences of TripHop and Backpacker HipHop instrumentals once to be found on labels like Anticon, Lex and the likes of whilst even sporting sublime influences of Musique Concrete and collage techniques, evoking faint memories of Ambient Shoegaze - and Radiohead! - in cuts like "Negative Loop" whilst also catering quite a bunch of interesting Ambient x Score interludes of which "Vortex Any % Speedrun" even seems to contain microsamples of a literal cat fight. Defo one of a rare breed of albums they usually don't make like this anymore.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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