Monday, September 04, 2023

Pascal Comelade / Lee Ranaldo / Ramon Prats - Velvet Serenade [Staubgold 169]

Released via the long standing Staubgold imprint on June 23rd, 2k23 is "Velvet Serenade", a special six track album conceived by Lee Ranaldo and Pascal Comelade with the help of Ramon Prats on drums. Marking the 25th anniversary of the label the trio pays homage to the highly influential sonic legacy of Lou Reed's Velvet Underground over the course of roughly 35 minutes, catering a total of five reimaginations of original Velvet Underground songs as well as one original piece written as a tribute to Lou Reed and therefore aptly named "Lou's Blues". Recorded live in concert in Banyoles, Catalonia on April 28th, 2k22 on behalf of Catalan journalist Ignacio Julia at the premier of his book on The Velvet Underground the album opens with the seminal "All Tomorrow's Parties" which starts the journey on a beautiful instrumental piano ballad tip whereas "What Goes On" introduces a brooding, vibrant low end and captivating dynamic drama as well as well psychedelic guitar solos, "Lou's Blues" brings forth deep and rumbling late night summer evening DesertBlues vibes in style and "Femme Fatale" rounds things off in a chiming, tender and playfully caressing manner just to name a few. One well done tribute speaking to an intersecting set of Psychedelic Rock fans in general as well as to devoted followers of all things Lou Reed / The Velvet Underground.

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