Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Tom Schneider - Isotopes [Macro 072]

Put out on the circuit via Stefan Goldmann's Macro imprint on June 23rd, 2k23 is "Isotopes", the longplay solo debut by Tom Schneider who basically relies on a stripped down set-up of piano, sampler and granular synthesizer for the creation of his twelve tracks spanning firstling. With this album Schneider, also keyboard player of the Macro-released outfit KUF, presents an overall menu of basically Modern Classical x Contemporary Classical solo piano cuts, both improvised as well as composed, mostly tender of nature, yet incorporating dramatic or fast paced sequences at times and sporting relatively sparse electronic interventions which are, for the most part, restricted to short, yet rapid pitch and x or filter sweeps as well as short off-kilter tonal wobbles most prevalent in pieces like "Serpentines" whereas the title track "Isotopes" evokes memories of very early electronic tape composition techniques, "Absence" ultimately focuses on mechanical minimalisms and the absence of harmonic tonality before "Particular Interest" is based on a few particular sound fragments only accompanied by near silence to provide a brief overview on what to expect on this avantgardistic debut.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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