Sunday, September 03, 2023

X.D.D. - Vol. 06 [X-Static Dance Departement 006 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the artist run X-Static Dance Departement label on May 23rd, 2k23 is X.D.D.'s "Vol. 06", the artists next digital two track single in a continous series of releases. Opening with "Super Massive Black Hole" X.D.D. caters a menu of slow and grinding Industrial Techno garnished with psyched out horror vocders whilst sporting heavy, spatial and large scale reverberating bass drums as well as dense layers of scraping irregular noises somewhat reminiscent of the monolithic Zhark label and productions by Huren, Kareem and the likes of whereas the subsequent "Teilchen" provides an excellent, driving and highly functional take on scintillating, surely motor city-infused (Club)Techno with a gooey Acid modulation for all the real ravers out there. "Teilchen" wins by a mile. Tune.


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