Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Lotto - Summer [Gusstaff Records]

Put out on the circuit via Gusstaff Records on September 29th, 2k23 is "Summer", the second of two parallel albums cooked up by the Polish trio named Lotto which are released on the same day. Stylistically opposite to "Axolotl", the second part of this set, we see the six tracks and 36 minutes spanning "Summer" following a path of inspiration opened by a subdued, nearly acoustic concert set played in Warsaw in May 2k22, resulting in an array of tender, intimate, yet dark'ish and nocturnal, oftentimes inward-looking PostRock tunes with cuts like "Heater" consciously dabbling with minimalistic repetitions, "Oranges" gravitating towards subtle DarkJazz-influences and "Situation" drifting off into sparse, yet comforting dreamlands whereas the concluding "Someone" provides the most tender and caressing Post-PostRock low end we've come across in a while just to lay out a rough concept of what is happening on this well recommended album piece.

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