Sunday, October 08, 2023

Tholos Gateway - Tholos Gateway II [Gusstaff Records]

Set for release on October 13th, 2k23 via the Polish label Gusstaff Records is "Tholos Gateway II", the - obviously! - second longplay outing cooked up by the trio named Tholos Gateway which is still comprised of its founding members Colin Marston, Alex Reviriego and Vasco Trilla. Catering a set of eight brand new cuts rolled out over the course of roughly 46 minutes total playtime the trio, in collaboration with contributing guest musicians like Yoshiko Ohara and Mick Barr, once again dives deep into the realm of Dark Ambient and brooding Deep Listening Music, starting from a point of uneasy nocturnal dronings and an ultra-present low-end paired with tender chiming tones as well as most eerie echoes of echoes of echoes of DarkJazz influences and moving forward towards scenic, melancholia-inducing deep forrest romanticisms vaguely evoking memories of Wolfgang Voigt's GAS project of yore, crackly, unsettling large scale panoramic Electronica pieces like "Alternate Aether", claustrophic Drone layers paired with subdued elements of (Neo)Classical composition techniques in "Revenge Spectre" as well as intense, fever'ish Ritual Ambient ("Consciousness Exorcism Seal") and further goodness for those who like their Deep Listening Music to be more than just sonic tapestry for lightless hours. Highly recommended. Check!

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