Saturday, November 18, 2023

Filippo Sala - Rifugi [Aut Records 097]

Put out on the circuit via the rapidly growing Aut Records label on October 12th, 2k23 is "Rifugi", the very first album cooked up by Italian musician x composer Filippo Sala in collaboration with contributing artists Enrico Terragnoli and Danilo Gallo. In this trio setting the musicians invlvd explore an evocative and wide-ranged approach to solely instrumental music over the course of roughly 49 minutes, starting from a point of fusing somewhat brooding and off-kilter synth distortions with sparse and swinging rhythms as well as dreamy PostRock guitar tones in the opening piece that is "Lampi", progressing further into a stream of krautsy, tender, ever meandering Desert(Post)Rock variations with the albums title track "Rifugi" and entering proper driving, sleazy and psychedelia-infused Rock territories with the fever'ish drums of "Danzar Senza Pretese" whereas "Keef" is touching base with, obviously twisted, Latin influences which are incorporated into the piece alongside obviously Jazz leaning guitar leads, "Un Fascino Retro" is weighing in beautifully executed slow-paced vintage melancholia and "Encore" is bringing forth quite an uplifting and positive, partially even ecstatic PostRock touch for a closing and final relief just to name a few. Should be a soundtrack of sorts, this. Preferrably to a vintage, slow-paced love story or a majestic documentary featuring heaploads of widescreen panorama shots.


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