Friday, November 03, 2023

Natura Est - The Folly Of Mars [Cyclic Law 227]

Natura Est are back. And they're back with their fourth album. Named "The Folly Of Mars" the latest collaborational outing cooked up by Andreas Davids and Tony Young has been released via the Cyclic Law imprint on October 6th, 2k23 as a limited to 300 copies CD edition, bringing forth a six track menu of Dark Ambient cuts conceptually dealing with the necessity and sustainability of space exploration in relation to unresolved crises on our planet, opening with the scenic, yet solemn and melancholic vastness of "Extinction Concept" before progressing into the deeply nocturnal ebb-and-flow of "With One Eye On The Heavens" and going on a deep dive into vantablack Drone territories with the title track "The Folly Of Mars". Furthermore "We Will End Time" probably presents the, albeit extremely low-end heavy, most Cosmic x classic Ambient leaning take on this album with its cold, yet shimmering atmospheres and ethereal non-vocalisms whereas "The Fallen Empire Of Man" offers a slowly evolving, ever meandering stream of comforting, billowing darkness and the subsequent "Sum Et Pulvis" closes the cycle with another dose of rumbling, athmospheric Dark Ambient pulses. A worthwhile addition to the collection for dedicated fans, followers and collectors of the named genre. Check.


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