Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Leonardo Barbadoro - Musica Automata [Helical 001]

Put out on the circuit via the freshly launched Helical imprint on November 3rd, 2k23 is "Musica Automata", the first full length solo album effort conceived by Italian composer Leonardo Baradoro under his very own name. With a total of twelve brand new pieces rolled out over the course of 39 minutes Barbadoro employed the fully automated robotic instrument ensemble of the Ghent-based Logos Foundation to compose and fine-tune his artistic and compositional vision, only to record the actual performance of the album within the physical vicinity of the robot ensemble itself, including all the mechanical and technical noise that come with this approach. The sonic result of this conceptual venture provides a somewhat rhythm-focused fusion of Contemporary Classical music and what could be described as a variation of Avantgarde Jazz, opening with the highly dramatic and well seductive title track that is "Musica Automata", progressing into uptempo - and probably Aphex Twin-inspired - quasi IDM with the subsequent "Hybr Spiro", catering chiming, yet brooding. fever'ish and Bass Music-informed minimalisms in "Bel_exp II", going into uplifting, and probably danceable, groove territories with "Ob Asa ST5+7" before finally serving a dramatic climax with "Mumb" and going full on Avantgarde Jazz drumming for apocalyptic battle fields with "Terzo" just to name a few. Quite a fascinating album that's not as nearly as robotic as its mechanical performers are.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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