Saturday, November 11, 2023

mACHT - 1 [Crocodile Tears Records Promo]

Put out on the circuit on June 23rd, 2k23 via Berlin's Crocodile Tears Records is "1", the very first album outing by the trio affair that is mACHT. Born from the ashes of a gloriously failed and shipwrecked mission to revive the famed and infamous German band S.Y.P.H. as a six piece band in 2011 the trio of Christian Schulte, Uwe Jahnke and Georg Zangle continued on a musical mission with in parts self-built and self-invented instruments, fleshed out their sonic vision over the course of a decade and finally cooked up and conceived their debut, a seven tracks and rougly 43 minutes spanning affair opening with the droney, krautsy, nocturnal and somewhat PostRock-infused vibe of "Löffelvolle Groschen" which kinda reminds us of early 2000s Einstürzende Neubauten in some ways subsequently followed by "Wo Morgen", a bleak and sparse, yet still energetic and ever meandering Indie x Shoegaze crossover affair. In comparison "Zwischen Den Steinen" seems to be indulging even deeper in tender IndiePop vibes backed up by a foundation of expertly crafted electronic beats, "Morgen Doktor" allows a quick glimpse at the band members roots in raw Punk whilst also evoking memories of the unique lyrical approach presented by German Punk and beyond songwriter legend Jens Rachut whereas "Passt Nicht", probably our favorite cut on this album, brings forth a driving take on PostPunk-infused Desert Blues for dusty country roads and movies written by David Lynch. "Aus Dem Fenster" continues on a similar, yet more fever'ish and (post)apocalyptic path and the final cut that is "Brache" rounds things off with hypnotic, stripped down slightly tongue-in-cheek PostPunk vibes for late night dancefloors. If that sound appealing to you this might be an album to check out for a reason.

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