Thursday, November 02, 2023

Off World - 3 [Constellation Records 175]

Scheduled for release via Montreal's ever active Constellation Records imprint on November 3rd, 2k23 is "3", the third and final album of Sandro Perri's Off World trilogy series. With a total of five new compositions rolled out over the course of roughly 34 minutes Perri, alongside a plethora of contributing collaborators, derives the foundation of his compositions from semi-improvised ensemble recordings which are later processed, re-arranged and retrofitted with additional layers and instruments, resulting in a sonic landscape both dreamy and comforting, touching base with genres like (Future)Jazz, Score and Modern Classical music without fitting into each of these drawers, adding expertly sculpted Downtempo x Future Tribal elements to the mix at times, flirting with an organic Indietronica vision, providing a soft billowing back drop for introspective, slightly psychedelic electric guitar solo works in pieces like "Ludic Loop" or even referencing slightly twisted (Neo)Cosmic x Synth x Chamber Music influences in the fever'ish, well nocturnal closing cut that is "Emposse". Defo an interesting and musically unique album affair, this one. Go check.

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