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baze.djunkiii Charts 11/2k23

01. Javier Hernando - Domina Estelectrica [Geometrik Records / Munster Records]
See review for details...

02. Lagowski - Teratology: Rarities 1989 - 1992 [Fill-Lex Records 006]
Andrew Lagowski is somewhat of an unsung hero and pioneer of the UK electronic music scene despite being active on the circuit for more than 40 years. Producer of many genres and employer of many musical monikers the Italian label Fill-Lex focuses on his works as Lagowski with this limited to 200 copies twelve track compilation, unearthing hard to find gems he produced and released in the three years period between 1989 and 1992, including the massive and highly thought after bang0r that is "Vermillion", and therefore catering nothing short of an essential audio fest for all fans and followers of NuBeat, ProtoTechno, Industrial, (Electro)Phonk, EBM, early Rave and many related things beyond. This stuff is peak and defo still relevant as of today.

03. Scheich In China - NeverCrack Generation 2 [Hafenschlamm Records 030]
This is heavy. The Hamburg-based project Scheich In China serves the most unhinged and anarchic six track EP we've heard in a while. Meandering back and forth through the grey area between Speedcore, FreeTekno, Anarchcore and acid-fueled Teknival dancefloors whilst also pleasing sophisticated Hardcore x Gabber headz "NeverCrack Generation 2" is a suitable soundtrack for vantablack nightmares and slasher movies whilst defo being on par with classic releases on labels like Explore Toi, Sans Pitie and the likes of.

04. Dusty Kid - 1992/1993 Revived [Systematic Recordings]
Italian producer Dusty Kid takes a deep dive into Trance x HardTrance history and updates four of the genres anthems of the early 90s - for us most importantly Komakino's "Outface" and Microwave Prince's "Trancemitter Online" - in a contemporary manner, making them compatible with the ElectroBreaks x NuSkoolBreaks scene of today and therefore indeed revives these classics for a new audience. Good stuff, this.

05. Doc Scott / Rufige Kru - 25 Years Of Metalheadz: The Series Part 9 [Metalheadz]
Goldie's seminal Metalheadz imprint brings back two of the biggest Drum'n'Bass anthems of all times with "The Unofficial Ghost" and "V.I.P. Riders Ghost" plus a thoughtful and hard hitting variation of the first mentioned tune named "Ghost 25" produced by Doc Scott which transfers the original vibe into a straight forward, slightly sped-up and stripped down stepper and makes this one an essential addition for any reasonable collection even though Rufige Kru's "Ghost Of My Life" on B2 might not necessarily appeal to each and every Drum'n'Bass fan due to its reduced tempo and somewhat off center vibe.

06. Beltram - Volume 2 [R&S Records]
As an avid fan, follower and archivist of electronic music history I'm always happy to come across contemporary re-issues of records I missed out on in the early 90s, mostly due to my young age at the time. With "Volume 2" we see the resurrection of Joey Beltram's second 12" single for Renaat Vandepapeliere's seminal R&S Records label which originally hit the stores all the way back in 1991. The four tracks on here, including the Reggae soundsystem sampling A1 cut "My Sound", provide a glimpse into the darker side of Techno and Rave at the time and could be even regarded as a kind of ProtoHardcore vision from todays point of view even though the tempo of those tracks is relatively moderate and not even close to the highspeed madness that Gabba / Hardcore would provide in the years to come.

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