Sunday, November 19, 2023

User08945538961 - Active EP [User Recordings 051]

Put out on the circuit via User Recordings as the labels 051 is the "Active EP", the August 29th, 2k23 released digital two track single by User08945538961. Opening with "Active" quasi-anonymous producer caters a slow pumping, dark'ish and ever spiralling Techno x Trance crossover featuring reverse stabs and hypnotic synth beeps for rolling late night sets before following up with "One World" which can be described as a deep take on classic Ambient House sporting an uplifting, well majestic main chord motif, ever washed out and meandering pads as well as abstract, seemingly somewhat UK Garage-infused percussive patterns placed at the very front of the mix which provide a slightly offset contrast to the tunes overall atmosphere and structure for the more experimental Ambient / DubTechno jocks out there.


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