Sunday, December 31, 2023

baze.djunkiii Charts 01/2k24

01. Cybex Factor - Die Schöpfung [Boy Records]
Another reissue from the archives of the highly influential German imprint Boy Records which played an important role throughout the late 80s and very 90s, a period which saw electronic music transitioning from NuBeat, Agreppo and EBM influences to the Techno and Rave scene we know of today. Still captivating today "Die Schöpfung" appeared on early Techno compilations like "Techno Trax" back in 1991 and therefore is forever engraved in the formative memories of yours truly whereas the lesser known "No Rock" provides an even more stomping and muscular pump for oldskool dancefloors with its raw hypnotic sawtooth synths, agressive basslines, agitated main motif and epic breakdown sequences for dedicated ravers of yore.

02. Tkay Maidza - Where Is My Mind? [4AD]
Zimabwe-born and Australia-based singer x producer Tkay Maidza provides the most fascinating and seductive synth-driven Dope Beat x Instrumental HipHop foundation for a tune we've heard in many a year, providing a seductive little fusion tune that'll take the hearts of glitzy Neon Pop lovers, Urban and Bass Music aficionados and even most dedicated SynthPop and Goth folks by storm for a reason. An absolute anthem, this.

03. Kai Alce featuring Ash Lauryn - Underground & Black *Leonce Remixes[NDATL Muzik]
This is not a tune, this is a a manifesto. Backed by Kai Alce's deep, stripped down and percussive House beats vocalist Ash Lauryn pays homage to House Music as a black underground culture, namedropping a plethora of producers, labels, venues and other specifically afro-american (life)style phenomena that shaped the groove and movement of House as a whole, culminating in a hypnotic late night cut for intimate club floors and an essential 12" to own for all genre aficionados.

04. Vladislav Delay - Entain [Keplar]
Originally released via the highly influential German label Mille Plateaux back in the year 2000 Berlin's Keplar imprint is bringing back a remastered Finnish classic for all the dedicated Ambient heads out there. With most of the tracks exceeding the 15+ minutes mark Vladislav Delay caters glacial Ambient structures, minimalist background rhythms, washed out remnants of dubbed out Electronica and echoes of Clicks'n'Cuts over the entire course of "Entain", making this album a worthwhile addition to the collection for every collector of tender, caressing Deep Listening Music as well as for those who, like myself, missed out on the original release back in the days.

05. Conzi - That Deep EP [Sounds Of The Dance 001]
Dubstep. On 7" vinyl. Dark and precisely sculpted Bass Music for those who've already been around early enough to appreciate albums like Distance's "My Demons" back in 2007, garnished with a nicely picked selection of atmospheric, micro-cut vocal snippets and even a full on - and German...! - vocal sample embedded in the B-side tune that is "". Proper good stuff and a good start for the fresh and probably self-distributed label Sounds Of The Dance.

06. Drowning Dog & Malatesta - Gen Pop [Entartete Kunst 033 / Upstartz Records 003 / Fire And Flames Music 111 / Rudy's Back 030]
See review for details...

07. Aphex Twin - Blackbox Life Recorder 2lf / In A Room7 F760 [Warp Records 480]
Aphex Twin will inevitably aphex. Muffled, oftentimes Jungle-informed Breakbeats and IDM x Electronica workouts, soft pads, echoes of echoes of UK Hardcore and Rave as well as playful, dreamy and drifting melodies and a certain melancholia. That's the formula and it still is a major fest for Richard D. James' hardcore fanboys x -girls and everything in between. Defo a good record and a nice addition to the Aphex Twin dancefloor collection, yet not his most groundbreaking work and - when it comes to the foldout panorama artwork - a major annoyance for all the vinyl DJs out there. A plain 12" sleeve edition wouldve been preferred.

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