Saturday, December 30, 2023

Sick Boss - Businessless [Drip Audio]

Put out on the circuit via the Canadian Drip Audio imprint on November 3rd, 2k23 is "Businessless", the sophomore album release by Toronto's Sick Boss. Led by by guitarist x composer Cole Schmidt and comprised of a plethora of members mostly related to the cities Improv scene the collective ensemble presents a total of six brand new pieces on their latest longplayer, rolling out their combined musical vision over the course of roughly 37 minutes. Basically starting out from an angle of muscular, Funk-informed and oftentimes defragmented Alternative Rock the opening tune "Useless Genius 1" sees layers upon layers of Jazz brass dramatically building up before unexpectedly breaking down and re-emerging as a whirling maelstrom of panoramic Noiserock for avantgarde-informed listeners whereas the subsequent "When The Buzzards Leave The Bones" caters beautiful elegic string works for a second, providing the launch pad for more imminent Funk, plucked string figures and fever'ish, erratic voodoomania whilst "Useless Genius 2" seems to be dabbling with feedback heavy Delta Blues variations and a captivating wall-of-sound attitude. Furthermore "Doctor Dawn" serves tender, yet slightly off-kilter romanticisms and more thrilling, Blues-infused panoramic layers later on turning into more of a brooding PostRock x DarkJazz vibe with a shimmering, almost cosmic edge, "Useless Genius 3" is coming full circle with its heavy Rock beats, dope brass figures as well as an ever building climax taking the entire composition close to the brink of Improv madness followed by the concluding "CJ Blues" which takes things to an even more dramatic widescreen finale. Defo an interesting longplay effort for both fans of Avantgarde Jazz as well as experimental PostRock dopeness.

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