Friday, February 16, 2024

Xtort - Zwart [DA Records 021]

Released on January 22nd, 2k24 is "Zwart", the latest full length album outing by Dutch / German band outfit Xtort and the follow up to their super limited live album aptly named "Live In Eindhoven" from roughly two years ago. The once again scarce and soon to be sought after cassette tape album version of "Zwart" sees Xtort exploring a widespread musical field starting from the clearly Electro-infused opener which some might clearly associate with early 80s Detroit and the more vocal-driven works of the likes of Cybotron whereas the following title track "Zwart" brings forth the deeper and ballad'esque side of the projects work - interestingly and most uniquely employing Dutch as language of choice. Furthermore "No Way Out" brings forth playful uptempo Synthwave x SynthPop sonically appealing to the hyperchromatic works of producers like Fatima Al Qadiri, "Autres Directions" featuring Mach Fox amalgamates classic EBM vibes with playful ElectroPop infusions before "All In My Head" combines raw, yet dancefloor-friendly Electro vocals with heavy Industrial shouts and "Alles Kapot" featuring Yvette Winkler even touches base with folk-oriented songrwriting and acoustic guitars within the context of dreamy SynthPop or even straightout DreamPop. "This Is A Trip" provides a most brutal EBM x Industrial Rave crossover, "Die Stimme Im Kopf" takes this approach even further with adding heavy hoover basslines and a darker, brooding overall feel and the consecutive closing cut named "Elektrizität" provides ominous, The Hague-leaning and vocoder driven slow motion Electro for a trippy, if not nightmare-inducing closing. That's excellent stuff here and probably our favorite Xtort for many a reason. Go and get yourself a copy.


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