Sunday, March 24, 2024

Leslie Ting - What Brings You In [People Places Records]

Released on March 1st, 2k24 via the Ontario-based label named People Places Records is "What brings You In", the latest conceptual album effort conceived by Canadian violin player and multidisciplinary creative Leslie Ting. Presenting a set of five pieces, two of her own compositions as well as works by Linda Catlin Smith, Rose Bolton and Julia Mermelstein, Ting's most recent longplayer spans a total of 47 minutes twice, if one considers the fact that the album consists of a 2CD set with one mixed and mastered as a classic stereo version whilst the additional secondary CD is considered the so-called 'binaural version'. Opening with the hovering, eternal, yet ear-piercing high frequency floatations of "Dirt Road (Movements 4 & 5)" which are accompanied by meditative, almost ritualistic percussion provided by Germaine Liu Leslie Ting tackles a rather minimalist piece written by composer Linda Caitlin Smith, fusing the realms of Modern Classical and Minimal Music whereas the subsequent "What Is The Most Yourself You Can Be (With Another)?" provides a rather nervous, tense and even danger-inducing take on minimalist improvisation culminatimg in slightly off-harmonic violin repetitions and lively, yet subtle drumming. Furthermore "Sandplay" enters the world of electroacoustics with its use of an amplified therapeutic sandbox resulting in rather cold, hostile and alarming sweeps, swooshes and spatial tectonic movements, "Beholding (For Solo Violin & Electronics)" brings forth atmospheric and gaseous electronic textures as well as playful and curious violin motifs alongside cold, futuristic rumblings, swampy bubbling electronics and occasional abstract percussive interventions of seemingly artificial origin whilst "Folds In Crossings (For Solo Violin & Electronics)" presents a fusion of score'esque Ambient and a beautifully panoramic (Neo)Classical attitude for fans and followers of Deep Listening Music. Quite an interesting album this, even though it is debatable whether the additional binaural recording really adds immense additional value for the average home listener using an average, non-audiophile home stereo system setup.

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