Monday, March 18, 2024

P.B.R. - Blunt E.P. [Psychocandies 110 Promo]

Another relatively fresh digital two track single put out on the circuit via the ever active Psychocandies label on January 23rd, 2k24 is the "Blunt E.P.", the first ever appearance on the imprint and the first ever release for the new P.B.R. project. Opening with "Death Row" P.B.R. caters highly intense peaktime Techno with an immediate urgency once a trademark of producers like Jeff Mills and pairs this vibe with raw Acid sweeps drilling right into punters brains to cause a massive adrenaline rush whereas the subsequent cut named "Dynamic Range" brings forth a dark, psyched out and ever spiralling amalgamation of AcidTechno and AcidTrance for densely packed, hyperecstatic rave dancefloors lit by nothing but lasers and high speed strobes. Big tunes, this.


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