Friday, March 22, 2024

Nadah El Shazly - Les Damnes Ne Pleurent Pas (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Asadun Alay Records 003]

Scheduled for release on March 29th, 2k24 as 003 of the still relatively fresh label Asadun Alay Records is "Les Damnes Ne Pleurent Pas", the soundtrack and score written by Cairo-based Nadah El Shazly for Fyzal Boulifa's feature film of the same name, translating into English as "The Damned Don't Cry". Over the course of twelve pieces and a total runtime of roughly 34 minutes Nadah El Shazly draws and imagines a sonic realm mostly brought to life by a trio setting of harp and electronics, double bass and violin, providing a glimpse into her musical vision and imagination with short (Neo)Classical scenes of oftentimes dark'ish, solemn nature contrasted by ethereal, chiming and electronically processed harp tones, unsettling nocturnal atmospheres of haunted, spine-tingling qualities like the only 72 seconds long miniature "Flight With Auntie" whereas the extended vocal piece "Adi" tells sonic tales of setting desert suns and eternities beyond eternities, "More Lies" flirts with Dark Ambient textures at the lower end of the audible spectrum and "Haircut" introduces almost rural and naturalistic Classical innocence and tenderness just to name a few. Defo an interesting, and probably also rarely recognized, addition to the collection for all fans and dedicated collectors of soundtracks and scores, this.


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