Sunday, April 21, 2024

Andreas Davids - 5 Stunden [Drama Rekorder Promo]

Five hours are an eternity. In real life. For a full length album. And even more so if you're waiting for a loved one suffering from terminal illness to pass away after receiving a final distress call from the hospice that's meant to ease them into and take care of them in the most difficult time before their final journey. Andreas Davids spent and went through those five hours on June 22nd, 2k17 when his mother passed after a long time of suffering, had to deal with the matter of fact as well as the immediate and long term damage and aftermath of this loss. The - or better: one - result of this process are five hours of music now released via the Spanish label Drama Rekorder. Five hours of greyscale'ish explorations in the Venn diagram showcasing the overlap of Dark Ambient, Noize and Desolation Ambient, five hours of emotional drudgery, screaming, mind-numbing distortion paired with strangely warm, even comforting electric low frequency dronings and shimmering, somewhat even hopeful atmospheres, in parts backed by primordial metallic minimalist rhythm signatures, partly gravitating towards slightly krautsy, yet more conventional and nocturnal Ambient x ChillOut structures, at times even evoking memories of early ProtoAmbient x Synth x Cosmic and extraterrestrial swampscapes. Furthermore we see Andreas Davids entering extended stretches of washed out sonic whiteouts accompanied by futuristic sci-fi synth movements and dramatic quasi-chord explorations, bleak Dark Ambient melancholia and amplified electric currents which might take experienced long-time fans of the genre back to memories of the seminal "Restgeraeusch Vol. II" album on Mille Plateaux, taking a deep dive into slowly evolving glacial dronings with occasional tender electric buzzes cutting through structureless and truly time-dissolving sonic nebulae as well as eternal cosmic Ambient floatations hovering in a space beyond our four-dimensional universe. Quite a lot to take in here from both a conceptual and overall play time perspective but also a worthwhile addition to the collection of every fan of Ambient x Deep Listening Music for a reason.

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