Saturday, April 13, 2024

Hügelmann / Copper Beach - Splitter #1 [Hauch Records 033]

Another relatively fresh release put out on the circuit via the German underground imprint Hauch Records on November 24th, 2k23 is "Splitter #1" - a new split vinyl release between two artists named Hügelmann and Copper Beach. Whilst Hügelmann covers the entire A-side with his track "Erdmolch", an expertly crafted take on glacial, slowly evolving Ambient x Deep Listening Music working its way up to an ethereal, yet washed out harmonic climax Copper Beach comes up with two servings on the flip: the B1 located "Crystal Dub" which pairs Ambient atmospheres with a somewhat (Neo)Cosmic leaning feel and a strangely fluttering, midrange synth-driven attempt on DubTechno which from our perspective doesn't fully gel before the subsequent "Affengeist" makes up for that with its highly interesting Electronica / IDM vibe which could even find its way into late night sets of advanced and adventurous Post-PostGarage DJs due its stripped down, yet lively swing and misty urban post-rave feel. One to check out, this one.

Vinyl artwork on Instagram!


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