Friday, April 19, 2024

Jim Denley And The Eternally Orchestrating Sonoverse - As Weather Volume 3: Budawang Mountains [Splitrec. 033]

Released via the ever active Australian Eco Music imprint that is Splitrec. on April 19th, 2k24 is "As Weather Volume 3: Budawang Mountains", the latest installment in Jim Denley's "As Weather"-series which focuses on the practice of musicking - a mixture of Field Recording, being present in and with nature as well careful musical interventions, oftentimes of a tender and subtle nature, partly reduced to minimalist, quasi-ancient rhythms created with what's available at the specific moment or even the use of the human voice as a sole instrument of choice. This being said "As Weather Volume 3", a three piece album covering roughly 41 minutes of total playtime, sees Denley create tender, almost mythical flute tone sequences, both melodic and close-up mechanical in nature with recordings of air passing through the instruments body, in parts yearning, reminiscent of primitive primordial call and response techniques which become more intense and ecstatic against a naturalist atmospheric backdrop whilst leaning towards the upper end of the tonal spectrum in "Diffraction Study 2" whereas the closing that is "Volcanic Body" evokes more of an unsettling and outerworldly feeling and leads the listeners instinct into high alert mode within seconds. Once again a piece for the avantgarde informed collector of both Field Recordings and Deep Listening Music.

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