Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Various Artists - Mischpoke #2 [Hauch Records 038]

Released via Hauch Records as a limited to 333 copies vinyl edition on February 23rd, 2k24 is "Mischpoke #2", the - obviously - second sequel of the labels various artists 12" remix series. Opening with a remix crafted by Markus Popp a.k.a. Oval for Pondskater's "Reverse Interlock" the listener is drawn into a scintillating, ever spiralling Ambient Synth realm backed by muscular driving claps and intricate Electronica structures before Clark takes on Tidy Kid's "I Lost My Mind", seemingly drawing influences from playful uptempo IDM, cheeky gameboy music and echoes and echoes of Classical composition techniques for ecstatic Braindance-driven dancefloors. Furthermore the flipside sees Electric Indigo at the controls for a remix of Ai's "Aruki Ikura", serving a deep and tender Electronica intro reminiscent of stripped down Boards Of Canada or mid-90s Autechre before adding a foundation of subtle 4-2-the-floor Armchair Techno drums to her interpretation whilst The Visitor "Installation I *Gudrun Gut Extended Mix" closes on a calm, slightly shuffled and highly atmospheric DubTechno tip and might be a well suitable opener for ever drifting and meandering early morning sets in certain open air situations.

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