Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Bertrand Gauguet - Encerclements [In Girum Records 001]

Put out on the circuit as the very first release and cat.no. 001 of the fresh In Girum Records label on February 12th, 2k24 is "Encerclements", the latest album outing by Paris-based composer, producer and saxophone player Bertrand Gauguet. Over the course of eight tracks - "Cercle 1-7" followed by "En Route!" - and a total playtime of roughly 47 minutes Bertrand Gauguet explores a realm of experimental electronic - and probably electro-acoustic - music reminiscent of free flowing and dripping water as well as a gazillion of tiny metallic insects trapped in subterranean hollows in the albums opener which also serves a few relatively calm, solemn and somewhat even scientific sequences whereas subsequent tracks are bringing forth intense electrical buzzes, highly digital noises and unsettling tectonic shifts making way for cascading Space Ambient and cold, spaced out layers of exoterrestrial atmospheric phenomena and interplanetary ghost communications which in parts evoke memories of Andrew Lagowski's work as S.E.T.I., in parts drift into Minimal Ambient x Deep Listening Music territories as well as scraping pulses of Clicks'n'Cuts transmissions before the final cut "En Route!" even throws modified and heavily processed Field Recordings into the mix just to present a rough layout of the highly diverse, yet well coherent soundscapes conceived by Mr. Gauguet on this longplay piece. Go check!

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