Thursday, April 11, 2024

India Gailey - Problematica [People Places Records]

Released via the Canadian imprint that is People Places Records on February 23rd, 2k24 is "Problematica", the latest album effort conceived by composer, violin player and vocalist India Gailey who, over the course of roughly 52 minutes, takes on and interpretes a menu of seven pieces written by the likes of Sarah Rossy, Nicole Lizee, Julia Mermelstein, Joseph Glaser, Andrew Noseworthy, Fjola Evans and Thanya Iyer on this longplayer, adding her own unique style and touch to each of them. With "Grotesquerie" Gailey seems to enter a world of abstract, yet rhythm driven and dance-focused ancient house music - a.k.a. music made by people in their homes, not Chicago-rooted 4/4 dance music - which soon is diffused by gazillions of dubbed out layers and other forms of supposedly electronic post-processing whereas the cryptically named


to which each and every composer x artist x musician can relate in some form introduces a spatial, time-dissolving amalgamation of slow moving Post-PostRock, ethereal electroacoustic sound generation and what could be described as nocturnal, surely Ambient-infused Contemporary Classical of doom whilst the final cut "Where I Can Be As Big As The Sun" brings closure following a path of folksy, tender, stripped down Leftfield Pop for lovers of Modern Classical music which might evoke echoes of faint memories of Dillon's seminal 2011 debut "This Silence Kills" for some and some reason.

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