Monday, April 08, 2024

Various Artists - Experiences De Vol #15/16/17 [In-Possible Records]

Released only recently via the French label In-Possible Records is "Experiences De Vol #15/16/17", their latest instalment in a series of compilations focusing on new music and experimental composition set up and realized alongside Art Zoyd Studios. With their new triple CD set spanning more than 180 minutes in total the newest addition and sequel to the ongoing series features a total of twelve works conceived by a set of twelve different artists, opening with the tense electroacoustic futurisms and unsettling, probably processed Field Recording samples of Christian Zanesi's "Before The Blast" whereas Yerri-Gaspar Hummel's "Bees & Drones" provides a haunting combination of atmospheric crackles, surface noise and real time bee buzzes buried in the mix, yet still able to trigger major trauma in insectophobes before evolving into chiming, floating and space-time dissolving Minimal Music. On CD2 Nadia Ratsimandresy's' "Pinte De Cafe" offers an 18+ minutes journey into swirling, grating and ever pulsating Noize territories climaxing in high frequency sweep terrorism, Antoine Chessex' "Avalanche" explores the potential of electrical buzzes whilst Barbara Dang falls into "Hypostasis" providing quasi-static midrange frequency drones accompanied by floating singular piano tones. Furthermore CD3 holds gems like "The Low Of The Refraction And An Orange Glow Illuminates The Sky Of The City" by Gerard Lebik, presenting a slightly wobbly take on ever evolving Drone Ambient whilst "La Sierpe Alada Del Sueno" by Mirtru Escalona-Mijares brings forth more haunted atmospheres, faded echoes of vocal recordings and intense non-vocalisms reminiscent of or at least inspired by classical Opera for Dark x DeathAmbient lovers just to name a few. Quite an exciting album set for fans and followers of highly experimental electronic music. Go check.

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