Friday, May 10, 2024

Stefan Goldmann - Expanse [Edition Kymata 001]

Five hours. To the minute and second. This is the total runtime of Stefan Goldmann's latest album release, an extended box set which marks the very first release of a new label going by the name of Edition Kymata. Released on March 22nd, 2k24 the 5CD box is comprised of five long-form pieces subsequently named "Sector 1-5" and, as an album set, provides conceptual studies in what is described in the accompanying press sheet as infinite reverb responses which manifest in the form of all and ever embracing droning atmospheric low end hums seemingly sonically representing the innate fabric of space, time and everything beyond as well as further explorations at the fringes of sonic perception and the vast expanse of sensorarily numbing Drone Ambient X Deep Listening Music, deafening streams of non-progression resulting in internal whiteouts and a total loss of temporal orientation, echoes of echoes of electrical ground buzzes and subdued Noize as well as washed out micro-movements on the planes of Ambient nothingness over the course of its total duration. Quite a bleak and - at least if experienced in one continuos sitting - probably also challenging, demoralizing and mentally destabilizing album for the uninitiated listener, yet quite an intense experience for those in the know.

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