Friday, May 03, 2024

Matteo Paggi - Words [Aut Records 104]

Put out on the circuit via the ever growing and active Aut Records imprint on February 15th, 2k24 is "Words", the first ever album outing conceived by the Matteo Paggi-led sextet of the same name which follows the path of what is described as 'inspired improvisation' over a total of six pieces and an overall playtime of 43 minutes. Inspired by and named after a compositional technique laid out by Matteo Paggi the ensemble explores a musical ark spanning from enchanted, almost theatrical and stageplay suitable atmospheres infused by Jazz and raw, intense polyrhythms in the opening piece named "La Gente In Discoteca Nel Futura" to the carefully spiralling dynamic pulsings of "Dreaming Of Fossaverde", the dreamy and most beautiful Contemporary Classical meets longing Jazz arrangements of "Fossaverde" whereas the concluding, 14 minutes extending "Mountain" provides an entire, highly adventurous journey of its own including agitated chase and action scenes, carefully arranged minimalistic sequences as well as a dreamy, expertly layered melodic episodes just to name a few. And don't miss out on taking a closer look at the albums most intriguing artwork as well.

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