Saturday, May 04, 2024

Hexagon Industries - Con Hexal EP [Psychocandies 113 Promo]

Released as 113 of the long-standing Psychocandies imprint on March 7th, 2k24 is the "Con Hexal EP" by Hexagon Industries which marks the first digital lifesign of the project in decade. With "Die Matrix" Hexagon Industries provides a relatively slow, yet surely braincell-drenching take of bleak, hyper-hypnotic MonoAcid backed by earth shaking bass chords creeping up from the deepest underground and surprisingly uplifting, quasi-Trance melodies followed by the hollow, muffled subaquatic tech-approach catered by "On The Move" which might appeal to more adventurous DJs which still remember the feeling and vibe of already hearing unrestricted P.A. systems hammering the living shit out of punters in illegal warehouse raves whilst still standing outside the facility taken over for one night only.


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