Sunday, May 05, 2024

Allison Burik - Realm [self-released]

Out on the album circuit since February 2nd, 2k24 is "Realm", the full-length solo album debut by Canadian composer x musician Allison Burik. Over the course of nine pieces and a total of 32 minutes playtime the Montreal-based artist draws inspiration from female and non-binary characters featured in lore, folklore and being or having been part of what is mentioned in the accompanying press sheet as 'real-world history'. With titles pointing to specific figures, events or archeological sites even we see Allison Burik opening on a surprisingly harsh, dissonant and slightly aggressive note with "Be The Dragon", working the way up to spiralling Jazz intonations whilst referencing supposedly Folk-infused rhythm signatures at the same time whereas the rural, dreamy and romantic "As The Norms Weave" combines folksy guitars, airy non-vocalisms and beautifully floating melodies, presenting quite a stark contrast and counterpoint to the albums dramatic entrance. Balancing the albums sound between these opposites pieces like "Seal Folk" bring forth an amalgamation of Field Recordings, droning, almost threatening low end oscillations and Burik's raw unprocessed voice making way and providing a backdrop for longing, sustained late night Jazz motifs climaxing in a whirling, multi-layered and certainly outerworldly manner whereas "Birka 581" seems to be flirting with nocturnal DarkJazz and eerie, seemingly tape-processed, distorted and slowed down vocals to a solemn, yet spine-tingling effect before moving and transmutating into a dramatic, yet controlled Jazz climax whilst "Solstice III (The Promise)" caters the most song-like, structured, yet still enchanted short interlude on this album just to name a few.

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