Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Dooom Orchestra - Our Sea Lies Within [Aut Records 109]

Put out on the album circuit via the ever expanding Aut Records label on April 24th, 2k24 is "Our Sea Lies Within", the latest longplay effort achieved by the Francesco Cigana-founded and -directed ensemble named Dooom Orchestra which caters a menu of eight brand new compositions conceived by the twelve piece group. Rolled out over a total of roughly 46 minutes we see the Dooom Orchestra boil down the essence of their musical studies into a journey which sees the group covering intense and expressive vocal performances by Nina Baietta alongside longing Jazz tones and thundering drums of dooom served in the opening cut "Amphesibena" whereas the subsequent "Roc Molek" caters subdued, yet non-organized chaos and an innate feel probably best described as hopelessness and despair "Cirillo's Ears (Spell Trouble)" dabbles with nocturnal DarkJazz in an unexpectedly playful manner, nicely contrasting the overall rather solemn, and somewhat even PostRock-informed, atmosphere with almost frolicking sax bursts whilst "Take The Steroid Z!" seems to echo echoes of fragmented mediterranean romanticism before rapidly spiralling upwards in tempo and intensity and the concluding "Ram Setu" waves goodbye on a rather intimate tip just to name a few. Defo one to check out for all fans of Contemporary Improv and Avantgarde Jazz.

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