Sunday, June 02, 2024

Ben Chatwin - Verdigris [Dis-nter 001]

Launching his very own imprint named Dis-nter with a new album composer and modular synthesist Ben Chatwin returned to the long form circuit on March 22nd, 2k24 with "Verdigris", a body of work spanning a total of eight brand new pieces and an overall duration of a little more than 37 minutes. For a start the epic and surely Bass Music- and Dubstep-informed opener "Collapsing In Feedback" paves the way for utter shimmering joy and cascading ecstasis on Electronica-, Industrial- and PostGarage-floors worldwide, ready to kick Burial off his throne for a reason, whereas the subsequent "Sawtooth" pairs large scale urban early morning synths and frantic drumming with a rather restrained 4-2-the-floor base to a rather post-apocalyptic effect. With "Dolmen" Mr. Chatwin enters scintillating electronic territories well familiar to fans of Vaporwave as well as of certain works by the likes of Eprom, Ikonika or Fatima Al Qadiri, "Pig Iron" provides a similarly chromatic take on hyperfuturistic Bass Music whereas "Petroglyphs" hints at an everlasting, Trance-inducing ride into hypnotic dancefloor eternity despite being a rather slow, spiralling synth driven affair than a full on dance track. Furthermore the "Ecology Of Fear" unravels a deep state of melancholia on top of decaying, defragmenting Electronica beats, "Chorale" follows down a similarly decomposing lane in terms of beat aesthetics despite rolling on a late night 4/4 Armchair Techno vibe and panoramic synth goodness before the final "Elegy For All We Lost" embarks on a quite emotionally touching Ambient journey for a closing. Well commended, this.

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