Friday, June 07, 2024

Sam Wilson - Wintertides [self-released]

Put out on the circuit as a self-released album affair on April 5th, 2k24 is Sam Wilson's "Wintertides", the roughly 38 minutes and ten tracks spanning result of an artist residency on Galliano Island in British Columbia which, in many ways, laid the foundation and sparked ideas for this longplayer and also informed her choice of collaborators - Jen Yakamovich on drums and Geordie Hart on bass - which played a role in finally bringing this album to life in the studio. Musically, we see the Wilson-led trio embark on a beautiful, in parts even airy and frolicking fusion of what could be described as Folk-infused and ever meandering Postrock from the very beginning of the opening cut "Light Through The Bend" onwards, weigh in deep and tender hot summer evening sunset vibes with the subsequent "Sandlines" whilst touching on jazzy romanticisms with "Elm Tree", focusing on stripped down and fragile guitar movements in "Water Source" before drifting into lands of slightly funky freestyle variations of a specific twangy guitar motif with "Dance Of The Fungi" whereas "Waterside" is as dreamy as it gets with a fully acoustic trio setting just to name a few. An album to share with a loved one, probably best consumed in front of an open fire with a bottle of fine wine and an additional set of candles at hand.


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