Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Patrick Giguere / Cheryl Duvall - Intimes Exuberances [Redshift Records]

Released via the Canadian Redshift Records label on April 19th, 2k24 is "Intimes Exuberances", a full length collaboration album in which Patrick Giguere provides the compositional framework for a long form solo piano work executed by Toronto's Cheryl Duvall who, whilst playing and apart from her individual performance and interpretation of the written sheet music, is also in decisive charge when it comes to a set of parameters defining the piece in itself. This rather unusual approach results in an approx. 57 minutes spanning piano album, divided into four sub-sets, which opens quietly and initimately before switching into a rather expressive, longing and, despite sporting very upfront and in your face dynamics, romantic mode, drifting off into frolicking and rather innocent realms with the beginning of "Partie II - Tisser Le Present" which follows a path of dreamy Contemporary Classical over the course of its 18 minutes playtime, moving into a climax of unexpectedly heavy stakkato chords which, at least in parts, find their continuition in the intense opening sequence of "Partie III - Corps, Hors Du Temps" whereas "Partie IV - Lueurs En Voix", despite expressive in its own right, comes full circle in a rather subdued, in parts even tender manner. One for fans and followers of Contemporary Classical and Modern Classical composition, this.

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