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baze.djunkiii Charts 06/2k24

01. Various Artists - Horizons Lost E.P. [Karma Recordings 014]
And here we go with some (Neo)Jungle and Drum'n'Bass on beautiful what is described as lemon and lime marble vinyl. But mostly it's all about DJ Kos' "Horizons Lost" which, remixed by both Dope Ammo as well as Sync Dynamix, due to its use of dreamy killer pianos and that uberclassic female ''s hypnotizing...' sample triggers major early 90s rave nostalgia for an old geezer like me and therefore had to find its way into my collection, accompanied by further cuts cooked up by DJ Ande and Dertie Bassett which bring on contemporary Hardstep ("Psycho Boy") and intense atmospheric Darkside Jungle ("Afraid Of The Dark") which once again proves why the description of the '...long dark tunnel...' is still well valid for this kind of music.

02. Bad Kingdom E.P. [Vibez '93 021]
The Fokuz Recordings sublabel Vibez '93 caters its 21st overall offering, this time brought to the Jungle x Drum'n'Bass massive on neon glow orange 12" viny with four tracks spanning a sonic arc from deep atmospheric Jungle x Intelligent Drum'n'Bass rollers to dark and bass-heavy cuts which surely summon memories of early No U-Turn days for the longtime Drum'n'Bass afficionado. Therefore recommended.

03. Desolat - Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die [Reptilian Records 168]
See review for details...

04. P.T.B.S. & Sascha Müller - Mentally Glitch [Proper Cuts Recordings]
See review for details...

05. Dead Robots - Brave Machines [Lathecut Dubplate]
One for the Electro heads out there this unreleased dubplate cut by the mysterious duo operating under the guise of Dead Robots is, in its original form, quite a deep and tool'ish affair for late night sessions, yet evolves into a well functional crossover working perfectly fine in ElectroBreaks focused DJ sets as soon as the pitch fader crosses the +5% mark and this is exactly the context one will find us playing "Brave Machines" in for a reason. Nice.

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