Thursday, June 13, 2024

The D3VI7 - Budget Acid EP [Psychocandies 115 Promo]

Released via the long standing Psychocandies imprint as their 115 on March 21st, 2k24 is the "Budget Acid EP", a new digital two tracker cooked up by The D3VI7 in his electronic laboratories. Opening with the title track "Budget Acid" The D3VI7 brings forth a super raw take on hard hitting underground Acid which feels like it could be directly extracted from an unhinged jam session performed at a semi-legal basement rave before "All-Time", the second track on this one, caters what seems to be a super dirty, distorted and steadily disintegrating take on what once were the remnants of Hi-NRG FilterHouse, now backed by Industrial-informed Broken Techno beats and gritty Wonky Techno basslines for those who really know. Imagine DJ Enrique having a love child with the likes of Tobias Schmidt, Mark Hawkins or the entire Mercuro Chrome artist posse throughout the early 2000s and have an educated guess why this would be our favorite cut on this one.


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