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baze.djunkiii Charts 07/2k24

01. Jürgen Paape - Allein [Kompakt 470]
What an epic 10" release. Jürgen Paape flips an ethereal sample taken from Ina Martell's unreleased 1967 song "Ich War Allein" of which only a TV recording exists, pairs this with beautiful electronic Dub sequences and "Moments In Love" resembling background strings to create the most beautiful melancholia-inducing Schlager Dub tune of all time - and therefore probably single-handedly launches an entire genre - whilst the flipside "Allein In Italien" focuses on a more dancefloor-friendly approach, flirting with an uplifting mixture of Pop Minimal, atmospheric TechHouse and NuDisco which spreads positivie vibes all over the place.

02. Anatoly Grinberg & Andreas Davids - Inspired By A Tragedy [Ant-zen 453]
See review for details...

03. Sven Väth - L'Esperanza [Cocoon Recordings]
Sven Väth's "L'Esperanza" is without a doubt one of the biggest Baleric x Downtempo classics ever to be released on a German label and therefore makes a well deserved picture disc comeback these days with its dreamy string arrangements and dubbed out Breakbeat grooves which made it a favourite on ChillOut floors worldwide as well. On the flip we see Techno master Len Faki on a remix tip with his so-called 'Hardspace Mix' which provides a major peak time Trance anthem for all dedicated ravers out there and therefore an essential addition to every DJs collection these days.

04. Zed Bias x Shumba Youth - London Town *UKG Remixes [IFG Records]
UK Garage legend Zed Bias is back on track with a set of remixes for his "London Town" collaboration with Shumba Youth, bringing forth two heavy Niche X Bassline x Speed Garage iterations on the A-side whereas the 'Jeftus UKG Mix' is on a slightly complex, heavily syncopated and surely Dark Garage- x Sublow-infused tip and Zed Bias' very own '2 Step Mix' is one bouncy affair for all fans and followers of the original UK Garage sound.

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