Thursday, June 02, 2005

Eclectic world of music

Leipzig's Alphacut , imprint for "noskoolbreaks for bored intellectuals" (quoting their sticker), have their fourth release out now featuring tracks by Jakin Boaz, MZE, Hi Lar and Nalpas. Force your local dealer to order that 12" for you if you are into pure eclecticism, Breakcore, IDM-Gabba, Aphex Twin'esque Electronica or simply good music as it is once again limited and hand-numbered.
For all Hamburg citizens I'll take care of that Otaku Records will stock a few copies soon.

Did I ever mention that I love Marco Passarani's new album "Sullen Look" on Peacefrog ? It's been a long time since I came across an album with nothing but great tracks - 11 out of 11 is what I'd call top score - on it and at the same time representing a long time missed fusion of Electronica, Detroit and Electro stuff, taking the risk of non-conformity and succeeding with that. I want more music like that to play out and even more I want people to dance to it. There was times when people weren't that narrow minded but open for any kind of good electronic music and nowadays it seems like a lot of people are into like only MinimalTechno or only Drum'n'Bass - even worse: only LiquidFunk or only Clownstep - or only Electronica or whatever and I often criticize this. It's all music and it's all coming from the same grassroot if one looks back in time and I simply cannot see the reason why people are limiting theirselves. It's not about liking all kinds of music or being an expert in every small micro-subgenre created in the big world of electronics but looking to the left and right is always a good experience and opens ones mind - and ears - for sure.
A few weeks ago a friend of mine which started DJ'ing not too long ago asked me what to do 'coze she was feeling a bit uncomfortable with her music (MinimalTechno, ElectroHouse and stuff) - well..., not exactly uncomfortable but not fully satisfied. She was surprised as I recommended to listen to some Downbeat, TripHop or Electronica records and tried to figure out what I meant by this. "Nothing", I said, "but this will open your mind again and I guess that's what you need by now."
I wasn't suprised that I was right.

Talking good old times I must mention that I rediscovered a great label from Cologne which as been closed down years ago. XXC 3 is the name and for those who are curious now just try to get hold of one of these two records

- Modesty - Times Fly [XXC 3 / 301]
- Khan & Walker - Empire State Building [XXC 3 / 801]

if you get a chance to. Intelligent Techno and Electronica at it's best - trust me...


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