Friday, July 01, 2005

Parts in the post, pt.5

Serious dancefloor damage is caused by the upcoming 12" of a project called Drumkombinat on Apwood Recordings which combines the joined forces of german Techno producer Axel Lüers & Michael Lambart. The so-called "Schachtgesänge E.P." is the fourth release on Olaf Apholz' label and kicks of quite oldskool styled with an epic, slightly acidic intro and hard analogue Techno beats similar to vibes spread on the 1993 released sampler "Rauschen 5" on the now defunct label Force Inc. Music Works. This was a kind of state-of-the-art compilation of what happened in Techno Deutschland back then and featured artists like Biochip C., Car & Driver, Space Cube, Exit 100 and more. Fast, hard, noisy and big time Acid influenced although not necessarily using the twirking 303 lines but more hypnotic, bubbling and aggressive noises banging outta the legendary silver box. But back to 2005 now and there we do find two more tracks on the flipside of APW004. Those are as functional as Techno can be, very primetime, tracky and quite ruff. This'll for sure touch any oldskool veteran on the floor.

For those hooked to more anthemic stuff there's a new 12" out on Chica Discos. This time it's Ibiza's Sin Plomo teaming up with vocalist Janet Taylor on a quite emotional tip. The "Chica Mix" is a perfect tune to fill peoples eyes with tears when played right at that magic moment when the first rays of sunlight kiss the night goodbye but also does fit into a deep groovin' House set in a hot and steamy club. The "S.P.C. Mix" on the flip is one for the followers of what a friend of mine calls Stadium Trance - energetic sound which opens huge spaces, big string arrangements, balearic guitar and massive vocals. I do prefer the deeper side of things and due to this I'll play the "Chica Mix".

Hailing from Spain is DJ Sammy which has a new one out on Data Record, a sub of Ministry Of Sound. I received the Phunk Investigation Remixes of "Why?" recently and I'm not too sure what to think of this - the vinyl is cool though, 'coze it's orange and I bet it's glowing in the dark. But musicwise I'm puzzled. I mean "Phunk Investigation Dub" is a big tune for those who love anthemic Progressive TechTrance, works well and stuff and is able to set the roof on fire. But why the hell they put Annie Lenox' vocals of her early 90s ballad "Why?" on top of this on the flipside? Why is someone remixing "Why?" ? There are some tracks that do not need any kind of rework, update or however they might call it and "Why?" is one of these for sure. What's next - Hardstyle Mixes of Sinead O'Connors "Nothing Compares 2 U"? Gosh, I hope not.


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