Friday, June 24, 2005

"Die Nachtschwestern" - The Final Cut

Well, it's finally done. After 6 or 7 years of terrestrial broadcasting on Hamburg's Radio FSK - on a weekly basis throughout the last 2 years - it's time for a break now and so I did my very last show on monday, finally trying to come up with a selection of tracks that very much influenced me throughout the first years of transmitting live from the studio, tracks that have been played out regularly and still mean as much to me as when I heard them first - maybe even more. So here's the very last playlist to be checked out...

20062005 die nachtschwestern farewell edition @ radio fsk / hamburg

[intrauterin recordings]

1. mouse on mars - saturday night worldwide fever *dj crack mix [too pure]
2. harald "sack" ziegler & frank schültge "blumm - die fünfte dengelophonie [dhyana records]
3. rob acid - schokodreck [junkfood]
4. adolf noise - büsum [plattenmeister]
5. the irresistible force - nepalese bliss *dj food remix [ninja tune]
6. village of savoonga - score [hausmusik]
7. jean bach - hit mix *zeit für zärtlichkeit [dhyana records]

But no time for melancholy now as there are several things to be handled and - honestly - I do not feel that sad about quitting from broadcasting due to several reasons.

Been down to the cutting house today as there were a few tracks to be cut down on dubplate. So expect DJ G-I-S' tune "Juggernaut" in my Drum'n'Bass selection as well as Phokus' "Dem All Shot" and Capperuci's "It's Capperucci" when I'm on a Grime tip on the decks. The last are pretty exclusive trackz as Phokus & Caperruci - which is btw the same person using different aliases - is not hailing from the UK and afaik not part of any active Grime scene, crew or whatever. I've been cutting some of his tracks before and I heard - although this is pretty much unconfirmed - rumours about a forthcoming release.

As my cutting house is also home of Ameise, which is my local pressing plant I picked up the first testpressings of the forthcoming Intrauterin Recordings 005. This 7" is scheduled for early July and will be featuring two tracks named "19" and "Travelbox" produced by Sascha Müller which already has been releasing on labels like Cologne-based Shot Division, Detroit's Teknotika, Skull Tunes and several others. Watch out for this if you're into a Electro or Acid or both...


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