Friday, June 17, 2005

Berlin: Mashit!

It's been a busy week and so there's been only little time for blogging...
Playing Berlin's Hotel Lux on Thursday 9th was fine, place was crowded - not packed, but busy at all - and once again I enjoyed to play a wholenighter which in this case means about 7+ hours on the decks, just me and my music. Having played 60 minute rave sets as well as wholenighters I do prefer the longer sets, coze they enable a DJ to take people on a trip musicwise and to represent a wide range of music, maybe some stuff they didn't knew about before. Guess I'm more the educating kind of guy - well, sometimes I am for sure.
Apart from playing out it was fun to see my peepz DJ C. of Mashit and Aaron Spectre & his girlfriend again, spending the whole afternoon hangin' out, chatting music and cruising through Berlin's recordstores. Thx 2 DJ C. again for recommending that South Rakkas Crew's "Bionic Ras Riddim" at Dubstore - really love its Dancehall swing combined with old rave signal sounds. Also we stopped by at Dense , which holds an impressive stock of Electracoustics, Experimental Music, Noise and Industrial on CD and at Tricky Tunes, which seems to be specialising in RaggaJungle and Grime these days.

Musicwise there's also news from the Mashit-stable. DJ C. & Quality Diamond's "Let It Billie" , basicly a re-voiced version of the massive "Billy Jungle" tune, is out now on Scandal Bag 002. I've been spinning that tune on dubplate for about a year now and everytime it causes a serious brockout. Another mix is featured on the flipside of this 7" - called "Dancehall Mix" it ain't Dancehall at all but is based on a more HipHop kind of riddim.

On DJ C.'s Mashit label there's two new records. CatNo. 006 is DJ Flack's "Meet Mr. Doobie / Story Of Oh [DJ C. Mix]" which delivers a fusion of swinging BostonBounce athmosphere and humourous Jungle trickery. Never heard of BostonBounce, eh? Well, it's hard to describe what BB exactly is as it is still a very fresh and developing genre but once you came across this special kind of swingsteppin' beats and offbeat feel you will know and never forget. I'm curious when and if this will break through in Europe...
CatNo. 007 is "Fi You / Twilight Zone" by Murderbot which really deals serious RaggaJungle / DarkJungle / RaggaCore business and will be appreciated by all the Junglists out there, especially for "Fi You"'s anthemic vocal hook.

Drum'n'Bass-wise there's Berlin's No!Breaks Records coming up with it's first release these day. Two tracks by no one less than Berlin-based producer genius Current Value - once part of the Position Chrome stable and with releases on Phantomnoise and Klangkrieg Produktionen, too. "Freeway" as well as "Simple Things" are massive Drum'n'Bass-stormers - in fact the best tracks I came across in months - and although Current Value steps away from his abstract version of D'n'B he's known for from his former releases one can still recognize his ultra-clean sounddesign and engineering he is loved for by his followers. A good start for a new label and word says that they're planning to put out like a record in every three months.


Blogger ripley said...

Hee. I played "Bionic Ras" for jake when I was in Leipzig with him and Aaron and Society Suckerz. Fucking great tune! Glad to see it's getting around.

ps. big up nitestylez! big up intrauterine!

8:18 AM  
Blogger ripley said...

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8:18 AM  
Blogger baze.djunkiii said...

yes - great tune indeed. i like the pure instrumental riddim best as i checked like 7 or 8 different 7"es on that riddim... jake bought the whole riddim collection @ dubstore :D

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

those two guys are such nice people. it was so much fun to have them here in esslingen. thx for your support, baze ;)

12:28 AM  
Blogger baze.djunkiii said...

no prob, m8. le's wait and see who of the american jungle famiy comes down to europe next - maybe it's ripley or kid kameleon in '06 ?

2:39 AM  

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