Monday, June 20, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 3

Two new stompers from the 4/4 side of life were the latest promo addition to my steadily growing collection of vinyl discs which is floating around in my flat, eating space and hopefully is not melting away from high temperatures these days as summer arrived in Hamburg and living right under the rooftop as I do feels like living in a 100°C sauna - it's hot in here...

Hot is also the latest outtake 12" from Corvin Dalek's last album "I Am A Dalek" which was released on the Berlin-based imprint Flesh. "Young People", as the Wet&Hard-pioneer names the track, is inspired by his trips to Colombia where his numerous dj-appearances are well appreciated by raving masses as he quite regularly plays in front of audiences up to 7000 people. Musicwise he rides his vocals on a pumping Techhouse beat which is slightly Tribal influenced, adds a deep and groovy latin bassline like the ones we know from the good old Strictly Rhythm days and flexes some synth sounds on top. Stretched out over 8+ minutes this is hypnotic as fuck and as well one of the sexiest tunes I've heard within the last months. Any questions left about why he calls this style Wet&Hard?

Not as sexy as Mr. Dalek's workout but still a proper club tool is Timo Maas' new single "First Day" which is on promo circuit now. Featuring two remixes by Dan Taylor - Dan Taylor Remix & Dan Taylor Dub - this tune is a mixture of progressive, techy House, slightly bubbling basslines, stadium rock kinda vocals as we know from the likes of The Crystal Method or several other breaks artists and of coze featuring a big anthemic breakdown plus a few guitar sounds, similar to those featured on Timo's track "To Get Down". Same does the Dub version leaving out the vocal lines. This will surely work on the dancefloor no matter if it's the TechHouse- or NuBreaks-area but I doubt if this is gonna be a massive seller or even a tune that'll last in most DJ's crates for longer then a few weeks as there's something missing like a cool hook or some interesting sounds to cause major attention. Functional? Yes.


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