Sunday, June 26, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 4

Remember Luniz? That mid-90's rapper that has been big with the track "I Got 5 On It" which has been put on a Drum'n'Bass tip by Aphrodite which could be considered the best track that has ever left Aphrodite's studio? Anyway, Luniz has got a guest part on the new single on Maxximus Records called "Spike ft. Luniz - Crazy For Your Love" - basically a revival of early 90's Eurodance/Dancepop which is big time accessible to a normal audience and even radio transmission as it features soft dance beats, some rapped parts similar to old Snap! records and such plus - that's why I mention this 12" here - a really nice female vocal hookline which captured my brain since I got this record in my postbox 'coze I wonder where the chorus originally comes from. I'm pretty sure that it's ripped but... anyone able to help me out?

Another funny record appeared as a whitelabel in my postbox today. Jansen & Kowalski put the lyrics of their track "Wie Geil Ist Das Denn (Dicke Anbiete Teil 2)" on top of the infamous instrumental of german/austrian 80's singer Falco's "Der Kommissar". Bootlegging to the max and I'm not sure if this'll ever be released officially. On the flipside there are two instrumental cuts - the first one is phat HipHop-/Electrobass while the second is more on a percussive but not exactly latin tip.

All the Jungle headz watch out for the new 7" on Watch & Pray Records. Well, this label does not exist although the name is scratched into the records matrix and it does not come from "NYC / Jamaica" as the matrix tries to make believe - all made up, but it's a nice RaggaJungle clash anyway. One side uses the same sample source as Oscar Da Grouch's "Soundbwoy Remix" on Ridem. And it's limited to 100 copies worldwide and due to this it's gonna be a sought after item within shortest of time. Trouble to get this? Contact me at Otaku Records in Hamburg as the store stocks a few copies now and we can get more on demand.

Another new Drum'n'Bass imprint comes up with it's first release. Digital Terrorists Rec. is based in Munich / Germany and features two anthemic tracks. "Propac - These Eyes" and "Hell G. -
Summertime" are highly digital, razorsharp workouts and do perfectly match up with the new Current Value 12" I was mentioning a few days before. I haven't been floor-testing both tracks yet but I'm sure that they'll do serious dancefloor damage with their mixture of technoid attitude and trancey sounds.

Talking Drum'n'Bass I got to mention that I think Goldie's new single on Metalheadz is a great piece of art, at least one part of it as I only got the METH60 in my collection which is "Say You Love Me / Say You Love Me (Vocal)". METH60p is Goldie & Skitty which is similar but not as powerful as the original. I had lost focus on Metalheadz in 1996 after the release of Platinum Breaks 1 and Source Direct's "Stonekiller / Web Of Sin" but since METH44 - Loxy & Ink's "Twisted 3rd Mind E.P." - I'm hooked up again and at least I try to check out every single release. Of course I do not like everything they put out but I do appreciate their work 'coze they do keep up the classic values of Jungle/Drum'n'Bass without compromise. No Clownstep or Neurofunk hustle seen here, just quality sound. Soundwise they are rolling with the oldskool without sounding dated. BigUp!


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Good post man agree with some of your points. Sounds like you're not a clownstep fan, me neither, check these out! Hehe
No Clownstep shirts

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