Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The wonderful world of Felix Kubin

Felix Kubin - known to many as solo-artist, his music for Mariola Brillowska's animated short films as well as for his collaboration project Klangkrieg alongside Tim Buhre focusing on Experimental Music and Noise - comes up with two releases on the 7" label Meeuw Muzak, which seems to be fooling around with their catalogue numbers.

"Felix Kubin feat. Mark Boombastik a.k.a. D Grossmutter - I Hate Art Galleries / Stelle Am Mund" is on Meeuw Muzak 026 while "Felix Kubin - Antarktis Slow Rock / Shakin' Tundra (Explicit Mix)" is on MM009 although they are released shortly. Doesn't matter anyway as both of them made it into my crates for some reason. First mentioned 7" is pressed on red-pink'ish vinyl and a kinda aggressive piece of anti-art as the title's sense suggests anyway. "I Hate Art Galleries" seems to be a live recording done - guess what - in an Amsterdam-based art gallery called Galerie van Gelder. Funny if you think about it and I guess thus artsy geezers have been shocked anyway or even thought of the whole performance as good joke. Is being anti-art fashionable artsy behaviour? Flipside "Stelle Am Mund" is also underlined with aggressive attitude, lo-fi electrobeats with psyched german lyrics banning several (semi-)important actors, artists and things from Kubin's dreams. Crazy fucker...
"Antarktis Slow Rock / Shakin' Tundra (Explicit Mix)" is the complete opposite, nice melancholic easy listening which ain't exactly easy but deep. A deepness like strange film music can provide and somehow the whole thing feels french. Can't tell why, but I had to think of frenchness while listening to this single although I neither have been to France or have an idea what exactly is it that makes things "being french". Weird thoughts - lost a bit of sleep last night and so I'm off for today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


no fooling w/ catalogue numbers here. the 'antarktis slow rock' you have in yer crate is a second edition. the first edition came out in june 1997 and was kubin's first release.



3:49 PM  
Blogger baze.djunkiii said...

aight - thanks for info on that. so what about other meeuw-releases from that period of time - plans for doing second editions on them, too?

1:11 AM  

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