Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 8

Leipzig-based label Moon Harbour put out their 20th release in mid-july. Responsible for the four-tracker is Daniel Stefanik who put out another two releases alongside Matthias Tanzmann within the last months which gained support from the likes of Laurent Garnier and David Duriez. While the title track "Move Me" - also reworked by Poker Flat's Guido Schneider on the flip - is minimalism as we love it, functional and positive. "Liquid" on A2 is quite deep and groovy, referring to the label's roots in DeepHouse and works best in small, steamy clubs a few minutes before the sun rises again - this is lovers music: slow, hot & sexy. "Deviant Behaviour" on B2 crosses borders between mimalism in House as well as Techno and puzzles brains with endless hypnotic modulations.
Catalogue number 021 on Moon Harbour is to be released on August 24th and comes as second offshoot from the Luna City Express which is the combined force of DJ Phage and Norman Webber. Especially "White Russian" is a massive pumping Housetune with fat handclaps and heavy bass pulses - oldskool style and a gift for those still remembering DJ Enrique's 1995-release "The Talent E.P.". Killer. Two more tracks on the flipside: "City Slickers" as well as "Higher" are keeping things on a more reduced level and can be called a bit of experimental as their dry pumping grooves are accompanied by some funny vox sample experiments. Not recommended for warm-ups but for ecstatic peak time crowds as you need a bit of open-mindedness on the floor to rinse out these tunes.

Another label from Leipzig is Curl Curl Music which has its 3rd release coming out this month: "Opensouls - In Your Hand *Remixes". Four reworks featured on the forthcoming 12" by the likes of Gerd, Zimbala, Inner Eye and Opensouls re-editing their own tune again. The whole E.P. reminds me - soundwise - of King Britt's Sylk 130-project - BrokenHouse meets Phusion and a whole lot of (Philly)Soul. Although there's not many clubs in Germany dedicated to this special kind of sound I'm sure this vinyl will make it to the crates of several music connaisseurs and - of course - deejays as well. Choosing one out of four for a favorite version it is the "Inner Eye Remix" which builds decently and slowly and reveals a jazzy kind of vibe while using nice piano sounds and live improvisation-feel on top. I'm sure DJ's like United Future Organisation will love that one, too.

Jacques Lu Cont a.k.a. Les Rhythmes Digitales' "Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)", originally hailing from 1997, is now revived on Wall Of Sound and hits the clubs again on three different 12"es. Version 1 featuring "Club Mix" and "Switch Remix" was sitting in my P.O. box today - two storming, high energy House tunes which soundwise still refer to Les Rhythmes Digitales BigBeat-roots, fusing them with a bit of Daft Punk-y filter action and funky bass abuse.


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