Friday, August 05, 2005

Grime r_port vol. 2

Seems like Mark One, one of the most prolific producers these days, has launched his own label recently as his new whitelabel "Devil Man / Plodder" reveals MO 001 as matrix number. Both tracks are dealing serious halftime bizniz - "Devil Man" is really spooky and pathetic due to the use of some weird opera or chorus samples while "Plodder" features a quite hypnotic bassline figure, some oriental sounds, dubby flava and a sample shot like sayin' "Turn the motherfuckin' music off".

A new label established is Slit Jockey Records, regarding to themselves as Stateside Grime and promoting White Label Exclusives as their sticker on the stamped whitelabel says. Their first release is a 7" and I guess that they do come from a more IDM/Breakcore background as their sound reminds me a bit of the Grim Dubs series and DJ Maxximus. The featured artists aren't pure grimeists as well. Dev79 comes up with "From The Get" which is more a slowest Electro tune with distorted grimey bassline. On the flip there's Starkey ft. Zilla of whom I never heard before. Their tune "Less Than Paper" is one for the IDM/Breakcore-posse, shuffled breakbeats are to be found here alongside weird acid bleeps but the whole thing turns into a few seconds of Grime after a violin meets piano-break in the fourth quarter of the tune and then stops. Strangely enough, but finally this might be used as a bridge between faster beats and Grime/Dubstep. Recommended for those who are into the wicked freestyle Breakcore abuse of the likes of Peace Off and such...


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