Sunday, November 13, 2005

Longplay love 9.0

File under: Deep Listening Music. Talking the recent Brian McBride-album on Kranky here which has been released on oct 31st. Named "When The Detail Lost Its Freedom" Mr. McBride, which is btw 50% of Stars Of The Lid, presents a dozen tracks written in the period of 2000 - 2004 and mastered in 2005 that are based on sampled as well as reprocessed guitar-, piano-, vocal- , harmonica-, trumpet- and string-tones. Apart from one track - "Our Last Moment In Song" which is a real song indeed - all tracks are 100% beat-free, just warm floating organic waves of sound, beautiful ultrachilled deep Ambient stuff slightly touched by melancholia. Highly recommended.

Way darker and way more intense is Tribes Of Neurot's forthcoming album "Meridian" on Neurot Recordings due to be released on nov. 21st. Subsonic frequencies, score-like Drones, dense post-apocalyptic athmospheres, nervously seething sounds and grinding noises combined to a blueprint of what might be called Dark Ambient, music for lost souls and frozen hearts. If you are into artists like m², Kallabris or even Single Cell Orchestra's "Dead Vent 7"-album released on San Francisco's Reflective Records back in 1995 you are about to appreciate this one as well. The press sheet even mentions fans of Boards Of Canada as a possible target group but as BOC's music always has a light shining at the end of the tunnel which is missing here I seriously doubt that the majority of BOC-followers will find the same beauty in "Meridian". Anyway - check out track 10 "Diggin Holes" and try to tell if they really used decelerated accordion sounds on this track or - if not - where all these beautiful slow sounds come from that do remind me of old melancholic sailors and seamen.

Another recent release covering the field of dark experimental music is Sunn O)))'s album "Black One" on Southern Lord which is demonic Doom stuff as dark as the excellent artwork by Jo Ratcliffe promises visually. Seven claustrophobic tracks spread over a total running time of 67 minutes, subsonic grinds, disturbing noises and utterly horrifying slow motion screams when it comes to vocals. If you do suffer from any kind of shizophrenia, suicidal tendencies or other kinds of psychic disease please leave this album alone - this is a maximum overdose of evil madness only made for a headstrong elite. Might cause nightmares, keep away from children as well.
Btw - did I mention that I really do like it?

Another type of madness is represented by the album "A-Core - 23 Soldiers Of Fakecore" now released as on Minorlabel as full length CD and as well as anonymous 12" featuring a seven track excerpt of the album. Theme of the whole thing is a remix competition focussing on the title song of the infamous 80ies TV series "The A-Team" which is handled and reworked by artists like Death Sitcom, Bernd Spring, E.Stonji, Society Suckers and others here. As one can guess from the range of artists the musical direction is break-/fake-/whatever-core with an ultra-trash attitude. Somehow it's funny, some of the remixes do provide cool ideas and if you pick out each and every tracks as single piece of art it all does make sense but listening to the same title melody over and over again for approximately an hour plus a bit can be a little annoying and hard to handle...


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