Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Longplay love 29.0

US-based producer Abel Okugawa comes up with his new longplay vinyl “816:Mix” on Monkeyclaus Records and provides a solid 9 tracker mainly focusing on deep Electronica. Reminds me of the stuff that has been released by labels like Germany’s Heimelektro Ulm Tonquellen in the period from 1998 – 2001 and is recommended to those still appreciating that style as the best around. Might be hard to find in Europe though, as there is – afaik – no distributor taking care of this release yet. And btw - Abel Okugawa is on myspace, too.

Jan Gazarra‘s new album “Love Rules” has been released via the Hamburg-based imprint Sunday Service on August 18 th, a longplayer filled with extremely fragile Pop songs driven by a certain kind of urban melancholia that is at the same mournful and tender – ten songs that are to be a nice soundtrack to accompany forthcoming autumn nights.

Sunday Service as well released Halma’s third album entitled “Back To Pascal” earlier this year, which is a perfect fusion of organic Dub-flavored elements and – if you want to name it – the sparse instrumental realm of what is known as Postrock to a wider audience. Only a small number of instruments used on the album are more than enough to create a deep intense athmosphere and the imagination of a wide, deserted landscape at the exact moment of sundown when darkness is about to arrive and one sees the last flickering rays of the big orange ball disappear.

September 15th sees the release of "It's Electric" on Secret Records Limited, which is the new album of legendary Heavy Rock-outfit Diamond Head. Recorded live at The London Astoria in November of 2005 the band, which was formed in the mid 70's and has been influential to top acts as Metallica and Megadeth, serves fifteen songs of down to earth Metal / Heavy Rock on a high energy level that proves that those guys are still hungry although they spent about 3 decades on stage to date. A big one for long time fans and lovers of the grassrooted school of Metal which is accompanied by the release of a live DVD of the bands performance named "To The Devil His Due" on the same date.
You're a fan already? Stalk them on myspace...

Lovers of Classic Rock should watch out for "Hot Wings", which is the upcoming album of Bill Steers' - former guitar player of both Napalm Death and Carcass -band Firebird. Due to be released on September 15th as well via Rise Above Records there's ten songs to be found here which keep up the flava of the 70s more Psychedelic outfits and paying tribute to all them classical elements without sounding dated. This is pure fired up stuff - check their song "Horse Drawn Man" taken off the album on the bands myspace-page.


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