Sunday, August 13, 2006

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 14

“Jamaican Girl” feat. Brick & Lace is the first single taken from Obie Trice’s upcoming album “Second Rounds On Me” to be released via Eminem’s Shady Records in mid-August. The Real Slim Shady is on production here and provides a kind of Reggaeton-influenced riddim on which Obie spits but the best feature on this 12” is the catchy female hook backing the whole thing up top notch style. One to watch out for this summer.

G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks has his new album named “Rotten Apple” piped for this year and put out “Hands Up” as a teaser for that recently. Bouncy beats by Eminem & Dangerous LLC keep the floor moving, a danger zone bassline builds up the tension and Mr. Bank’s vocals on top are of sing-a-long quality, so you got all the ingredients to please the crowd in the right place here and due to that the audience will be grateful if you hammer that one on a big P.A., but never ever mix up A- and B-side as the unnamed tune on the flip is nothing but a piece of cheap crap.

Timabaland’s on production for Nelly Furtado’s new single “Promiscuous” on Geffen Records and does proper work, but unfortunately can’t stand the test against the massive “Maneater” – her last single and best work taken out of her recent album so far. On the flipside there’s a DesiBeats plus two more like Reggaeton-flavored reworks to be found but somehow they just don’t seem to work right.

Bollywood-star Aneela comes up with a DesiBeats meets Reggaeton-rework of Snow’s 90‘s Raggamuffin-anthem “Informer” on Extensive Music these days featuring Indian-toaster Arash on vocal duties. Can’t take this 12” providing an instrumental plus full vocal remix by Pachanga for serious but it‘s funny as hell and spreads a lot of good vibrations.


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