Thursday, August 10, 2006

Longplay love 28.0

July 14th saw the release of "The Anatomy Of", which is the new longplayer of North Carolina-based Metal-outfit Between The Buried And Me via Victory Records. The bands fourth album pays tribute to the roots of the band members covering a large musical spectrum from synth-gods Depeche Mode -sic! - to Metallica, from Pink Floyd to Mötley Crüe, Soundgarden and far beyond. "Pays tribute... - how?" one might ask and already guess that Between The Buried And Me provide a whole bunch of at least fourteen cover songs here, adding their special flava and ingredients to classics as DM's "Little 15" (one of my personal all time favs btw) , Queen's glam-anthem "Bicycle Race", King Crimson's "Three Of A Perfect Pair" and others. This is done in a very respectful way that on the one hand stays close to the original vibe but totally transforms the song on the other and due to that is close to totally amazing. If there's only one album to buy in the next weeks make you checked this out before you purchase any other.

European longtime Ska-activist Mark Foggo is about to put his new album "You Shot Me" produced 'longside his band Mark Foggo's Skasters out via Skanky Lil' Records on September 15th. Being a brand name within the scene due to his highly appreciated Ska-debut "Ska Pig" - not his first album though - plus 9 more albums dedicated to this style and 1000+ compilation appearances as well as numerous killer live shows he seems to have legions of stalwart followers backing him and with this album not only a few more will be on top of these as his vision of Ska music spreads loads of good vibrations - although his lyrics deal serious issues as well - which are approaching an audience much wider than diehard Skatalists. Nice one for this hot summer which also features a tribute to Ari Up's legendary band The Slits as Mark Foggo's "Living On Alcohol" covers the main hookline of that huge "Moving To Altona"-anthem of their 1981 CBS-album "Return Of The Giant Slits". Comment on that? Use myspace...

eVADE's new album "This Is What You Pay For" has been released on Supersix Records recently. Once again the artists explores fields between classic Electronica and Intelligent Techno, as one is willing to use this mid-90's term today. Not exactly targeting the dancefloor but making the brain dance as the infamous Rephlex-imprint used to classify its music for a while. If you've been digging eVADE's latest releases you'll be likely to be into this one as well.


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